Police probe Sydney millionaire fracas

A booze-fuelled fracas between millionaire mates at an exclusive Sydney restaurant has landed colourful businessman John Singleton in strife with police.


Images of Mr Singleton wielding a broken wineglass and lunging at friend and fellow businessman Jack Cowin graced the front page of a Sydney newspaper on Tuesday.

While Mr Singleton admitted he was mortified by the pictures, he downplayed the incident at Woolloomooloo’s waterfront on Monday night in which was also filmed joking about domestic violence.

“If you were there you would have thought it was funny but if you saw the papers today or on the TV you’d think `good god’,” he told 2GB radio on Tuesday.

“And mate, I think so and thought so.”

Mr Singleton said he did not break the wineglass and was only having a joke.

The racing identity said he shared four or five bottles of wine with four others.

NSW Police are investigating the widely publicised incident and seized the group’s restaurant bill.

“… Remember now police have subpoenaed the bill, so they would be able to tell you it was four or five bottles between five of us over four hours,” Mr Singleton said.

“Not what your dad or me would call a drink.”

A police spokeswoman said police were investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing is working with police.

Fast-food mogul Mr Cowin passed off the incident as “just like bear cubs playing around in a cage”.

Mr Singleton was filmed after the ruckus saying the fight had been over a woman.

“We don’t have one,” he joked.

He then said: “He was trying to find a woman to belt and I was trying to have a sex change so he could bash me.”

When asked what he thought about violence, he ran towards the camera saying: “I f***ing love it.”